A group of people based in Rossendale who run and race in the fells.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Steve,

      The idea behind this blog is to encourage more people from Rossendale, in general, to run & race in the fells. If they happen to members of Rossendale Harriers then great. If not and they are thinking of trying a fell race for the first time, even better. It is by no means any sort of “splitter group”. Far from it.
      The blog intends to be collective, with a variety people contributing race reports. Hopefully this will demonstrate that fell racing is great fun weather you are up front with the fast lads and lasses, a mid packer, or just determined to get round.
      As far as the Facebook block goes. I don’t know why this is the case. It hasn’t purposely been done by myself, but I’ll look into why this has happened.
      Photo’s are a very important part of the blog. It would be great to gain your help and permission at times to use some of your pictures?



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