Teenager with Altitude & Anniversary Waltz

Teenager with Altitude

18th April 2015

Distance: 15.5m

Climb: 7600ft


Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.16.52

Scott Sadler (Me) and Jonathan Melia turned out for this mammoth race. As is usual for the weekend of this race, the weather was perfect. Clear blue skies and warm temperatures.

I did a full recce of the race route 3 weeks earlier and it was clear that there are several sections where you have multiple route choices. I made my route decisions during the recce and stuck exactly to my plan on race day, even though I was sometimes tempted to follow others.

15.5 miles is long, but not really that long. It’s the climbing that makes this race so tough. Looking at previous results I was expecting to complete the race in about 3hrs 30mins. I decided not to wear a watch as I prefer to completely trust to feel on races with a lot of climbing. This worked well for me, and although I got a bit of cramp during the final climb up Cat Bells, I was able to run hard off the summit and finish strong. Happy with my effort I got my phone out of the bag to stop Strava and see how close I was to my target. I was surprised to see that I was 17 minutes down on my target time but I wasn’t disappointed as I felt like I had a great run and enjoyed every minute of it.

Next year I will be making a few changes to my route choices and I’m confident that this will help me reach my goal time. Not all of my route choices were bad but there were a few obvious places where I either lost ground, or others made ground on me by taking different routes.

Jonathan only decided to enter the week before and had very little knowledge of the route. This didn’t seem to matter as he also had a great run, finishing 20 minutes ahead of me. Top effort!

Jonathan Melia – 11th – 3:27.29

Scott Sadler – 26th – 3:47.06

79 Runners

Results here… http://www.anniversarywaltz.co.uk/?p=453

Strava trace… https://app.strava.com/activities/287921571



Anniversary Waltz

18th April 2015

Distance: 11.5m

Climb: 3600ft

The Anniversary Waltz was also ran on the same day and this covers much of the same route (The second half anyway!). Two Harriers ran in this race…

Rob Andrew – 53rd – 2:07.57

Michael Toman – 68th – 2:13.49

192 Runners.

Results here… http://www.anniversarywaltz.co.uk/?p=448







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